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Restoring Mobility to Former NFL Coach Jeremy Bates

JeremyBates - Greco

Regenerative Medicine Leader Dr. Jon Greco restores Mobility to Former NFL Coach Jeremy Bates with Cytokine Rich Plasma (CRP) Treatments

Dr. Jon Greco transforms the lives of his patients every day, but doesn’t always hear stories about his patients hiking the 2,900-mile Continental Divide Trail (CDT) following Cytokine Rich Plasma (CRP) knee injections. Former Rice quarterback and NFL coach, and Greco patient, Jeremy Bates recently completed a five-month trek across the Continental Divide Trail from Mexico to Canada by himself, trekking 20-30 miles per day with a 40 to 60 pound backpack.

In November 2013, Jeremy Bates sought treatment from Dr. Greco for knee pain due to earlier bilateral ACL replacements and cartilage damage from sports-related injuries. Two weeks post CRP, Bates was snowboarding pain-free near his home in Breckenridge, Colorado.

“Love it! I feel like a brand new kid, like a teenager!” Bates said about his procedure. ” I was skiing every day and snowboarding without a hiccup at all.”

A few months later, Bates was on the move: hiking from New Mexico through snow-covered mountains of Colorado, Wyoming, Idaho and Montana to Canada. Following his CDT achievement, Bates was back at Greco Medical Group in Sarasota praising Dr. Greco for keeping his 38-year old, post-NFL knees on the road.