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In the past few years many physicians have started to use Platelet Rich Plasma, PRP.  Greco Medical Group can honestly say they have been using Orthobiologics like Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) for the past 15 years, whether it was intraoperatively in orthopedic surgery or cardiothoracic surgery. Then 6 years ago, as part of a biotech company, OroGen BioSciences, they developed the purified form of PRP that no one else is using.  It is called Cytokine Rich Plasma, CRP.

CRP contains the optimal levels of growth factors and cytokines without the pro-inflamatory and pain causing blood cells.


CRP has advantages in non-surgical orthopedic injection treatments for tendons, ligament, muscle, and arthritic joints because it does contain optimal levels of growth factors and cytokines, like “Interleukin IL-1ra antagonist”, which has demonstrated in studies and in clinical use.  It is a powerful pain reducer especially in arthritic joint disease.  We have successfully treated shoulders, knees, neck/backs, hands, wrist, elbows, feet and ankles with Ultrasound Guided injections of CRP.

In simpler terms, “it is a purer grade of your own regenerative material (growth factors in plasma proteins) because the cells that are not needed and may cause more inflammation have been filtered out. Therefore, CRP has the advantages of PRP, but we feel “it is more beneficial in tendon, ligament and bone repair as well as more advantageous in cosmetic collagen enhancement, fat-transfer and hair regeneration”.

With CRP we are continuing to advance the science of regenerative medicine not only in orthopedic applications, but also in hair restoration and non-surgicalapplications for bio-enhanced Cosmetics skin rejuvenation and collagen induction.

Our latest breakthrough is the Advanced Protocol.  It combines a fast release and slow release of growth factors and cytokines to get an immediate and sustained response needed in certain conditions.

We have published, lectured, and taught the benefits of Orthobiologics to physicians both nationally and internationally. Greco Medical Group has the experience and technology to help you heal yourself safely and naturally.